Arto Mieskolainen

Service Designer and Entrepreneur

Passionate about Service Design and Design Thinking. My strengths are especially in the ideation and discovery. 

My professional profile is generalist, so I’ve a wide set of skills and knowledge from multitude of industries and organizations. I keep up to date on current affairs globally, absolutely love all things epic and have a digital heart. 

I am a very happy and outgoing personality who gets along pretty much with anyone. My superpower is ice-breaking and positive mood-building in gatherings of all kinds (workshops to festival stages). 







I enable organizations and individuals to reach their goals and dreams through Design Thinking and utilizing the methods and tools of Service Design. 

The end results are happy customers, loyal employees and better profits. 




I will aspire to be Finland´s Next Top Service Designer by 2030 with an international career.



By learning and/or experiencing something new every day I am able to enrich my understanding of the Design Thinking applicability. I believe in and trust the insights and honesty customers provide. Utilising this understanding never fails to deliver happy customers, loyal employees and better profits.